Dianese Gulf: in the heart of freeriding:

Our routes are only 47 km from Finale Ligure and 52 km from Sanremo and you can easily reach us from the A10 Genoa/Ventimiglia motorway or from the airports of Nice (100 km – France) and Genoa (100 kilometres).

On the Ligurian Riviera the climate is always the best all year round, with the possibility of having outdoor experiences 365 days a year.

We operate by offering daily bike shuttle services or holiday solutions with accommodation + uplifts + lunch solutions.

Choose your best solutions for unforgettable mountain bike experiences in the Dianese Gulf.

A Trail area with unique characteristics.

In the Dianese Gulf we currently have a trail network with which we can satisfy bikers who love downhill, with dedicated singletrack trails or bikers who love to pedal on rings that offer both climbs and descents.

It is possible to configure tours on rings with various levels of difficulty based on everyone’s preparation and experience.

The best solution is to take advantage of expert and qualified guides to have the best experience.

All experiences can be done with both muscle and electric bicycles.

Gravity Trails:

We have a trail network with 11 trails dedicated to “downhill”, for Enduro and Downhill lovers. The trails are aimed at medium-expert bikers.

Trails on the Cervo hill:

  • Antenne New Chicken Trail
  • Antenne Trail
  • Super Fly Trail
  • Jocker Trail
  • San Rocco Trail

Trails on the San Bartolomeo al Marehill:

  • Maiali Trail
  • Vacche Morte Trail
  • Molini Trail
  • Corona Trail

Trails on the Diano Castello hill:

  • Grillarine Trail

Trails on the Diano Marina hill:

  • Capo Berta Trail

Bike Shuttles for uplifts:

In the Gulf Dianese we have 4 Bike Shuttle companies that offer mechanized uplifts on the trails.

Mainly vans with 9 seats and trailer, and also an exclusive jeep with 4 seats and rack for backcountry and off-road experiences.