Golfo Dianese Outdoor is the project for the promotion of outdoor activities practicable in the Golfo Dianese born in February 2018 (with the registration of the domain and the publication of the site).
It offers an overview of the activities of the Sports Associations operating in the 7 municipalities: Diano Marina, San Bartolomeo al Mare, Cervo, Diano Castello, Diano Arentino, Diano San Pietro and Villa Faraldi..

The activities proposed by the Associations range from activities on land to those at sea: Mountain Bike, Trekking, Nordic Walking, Yoga, Corsa, Trailrunning, Windsurf, Surf, Stand up Paddle, Kitesurf, Kayak, Nuoto.

If you are interested in practicing outdoor sports in our splendid Gulf and want to know the various proposals, visit the areas of the site and contact the Associations directly.

If you want advice and general information call 347.76.40.506 Andrea.

The Polisportiva GOLFO DIANESE OUTDOOR A.S.D. is affiliated LIBERTAS.

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Do you want to support our project?

GDO Trailbuilders is the group of people who belong to Golfo Dianese Outdoor who take care of cleaning only the trails of the “Golfo Dianese” dedicated to downhill.

The cleaning and maintenance of most of the paths is entrusted to a single sports association, which receives public funds from the Municipality of Diano Marina for maintenance work (news on – p.s. there is an error on the name of the project which is not Golfo Dianese Outdoor, which is us, but “Dianese Outdoor” which are the recipients of the contribution).

GDO Trailbuilders DOES NOT receive any public funds and is self-financed through independent funds and donations.

We therefore ask for everyone’s help and support to create a fund to support the maintenance costs of the Volunteers.

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(for privacy reasons we put the name and surname initial. If you like the full name, and possibly the name of an activity, write in the notes at the time of donation, thanks 😉

Donation in the jar:

If you are in one of the places we collaborate with and you want to leave a donation, look for the Jar.

Biciclando Bike Shop, Via Agnese, 2 Diano Marina – Tel. +390183495030
Bagni Ponterosso
, Via Ville Nuove Diano Marina – Tel. +390183401300
TiroVino, Via Elba, 1 San Bartolomeo al Mare – Tel. +393394809699
Agriotta, Via della Resistenza, 22 San Bartolomeo al Mare – Tel. +390183961029
Cit Paris, Via Aurelia, 62 Cervo – Tel. +390183408309